Exilight’s production and deliveries in summer 2021

One of Exilight’s strengths has always been its ability to promptly respond to customer needs and deliver systems quickly. While this continues to be a priority for us, we would like to remind our customers to make sure that their construction sites have enough emergency lighting products also in summer 2021. Despite the holidays, our production will be normally up and running nearly throughout the summer, but we will be operating with minimal personnel at the end of July in the weeks of 19 and 26 July, so our deliveries might be slightly delayed at this time.

So, if you have a need for emergency lighting products in late July or early August, please make sure to place your order with Exilight in good time. This helps us anticipate deliveries better and ensure that we can provide our customers with the right products at the right time. We at Exilight wish our customers and partners a very sunny and, particularly, safe summer 2021!

Modern design for new business premises

Figure 1. The new ELX-luminaire with a round bracket.

We have streamlined our product range, and our new products emphasise style and modern design. The changes mainly affect our familiar ELX range. We are also discontinuing the ELX-5.1 guide luminaire. The new EXINFO info signs for fire extinguishers, fire alarm buttons, fire hoses and defibrillators follow the updated product design. The product update replaces the oval bracket with a round plastic dome (Figure 1.). An updated product can be flush or surface-mounted. The expanded product family includes EXISAFE emergency luminaires, which replace the previous LED-1, LED-2 and LED-3 emergency luminaires. Harmonisation enables us to deliver extensive configurations with a consistent, stylish look. The new wireless EXIoT system uses the new, round mounting domes.

Figure 2. The popular EXISAFE emergency luminaire supports surface and flush-mounting.

The product update allows for faster product installation and compatibility with IPX5 environments. The product update is scheduled to be launched in May 2021. We are discontinuing all B3h-marked battery-powered luminaires that connect to a 230 V mains supply. There is still limited availability for some time while stocks last. Replacement emergency and guide luminaire products can be found under the GUARD product name here: https://exilight.fi/en/guide-luminaires/self-test/