ESC-200 is an addressable emergency lighting system, which is controlled and monitored in a centralised manner through the control centre. All luminaires of the system are addressable LEDs powered by a Li-ion battery unit. Guide and emergency luminaires can be connected into the same circuit using the affordable KLMA 2×0.8+0.8 cabling.

Data transfer between the luminaires and the centre takes place via the same cable that is used to supply voltage. The luminaires connected to the centre include pre-stored address data, which are automatically recognised by the central unit. The luminaires require no special programming.

The centre has two light buses each of which can be connected to 100 pcs of either guide or emergency luminaires. The luminaires connected to the system include pre-stored address data, which are automatically recognised by the central unit. Emergency luminaires may be set to be either permanently switched-on or regular emergency luminaires, functioning from time to time.

The ESC-200 centre tracks constantly the luminaires connected to the system, and automatically carries out monthly statutory tests. Test data, as well as possible faults and error message data are recorded automatically in the log. The luminaires used are of C type.

Addressable centres have recently become rather common, and they are used in various ways in applications of different type and size. The computer-based monitoring program EXI-CONTROL v4.1, or the cloud computing system EXICloud are available to further improve the control of the lighting units. The control centre is a valuable tool in such applications where there is a large number of luminaires. The program can make it easier to find a specific luminaire at the site. Moreover, the program can also be used for remote checking of faults.

The ESC-200 emergency lighting centre is an excellent solution for smaller but also for larger properties. Cabling can be installed easily and compared to fire-resistant cabling its price is affordable as well. If in some smaller properties the centre’s addressability does not provide any added value, then in many cases the KLMA cabling makes it possible to arrange the site as an ESC-200 system, and is therefore a good alternative.


ESC-200 7117536 405 x 300 x 85 230V AC, 10A 230V AC/49V AC, 500VA 65V DC 2 200