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Exilight introduces new Supernova+ signs and EXIoT Firegate in Jyväskylä

After two and a half years, Finland’s electrical engineering professionals will again gather in Jyväskylä. SähköValoTeleAV is Finland’s premier electrical engineering trade fair, normally held every two years, where everyone comes to showcase their best offering. Delayed by half a year due to the Covid pandemic and the subsequent restrictions, SähköValoTeleAV 2022 has sparked more interest than usual with all stands booked out well in advance.

For Exilight, this year’s fair is more important than usual, as we present two new products that are significant expansions to the company’s portfolio.

The EXIoT Firegate system breaks new ground as our entry into fire detection systems. “The heart of our business is saving human lives, so expanding from safety lighting to fire detectors was a natural, even necessary step,” says Jani Käkelä, head of EXIoT Firegate development. “EXIoT is wireless and allows a practically unlimited number of lights to be connected, so we figured that it could also be used to connect other IoT devices related to building safety. The result is the most advanced integration of safety lighting, guidance lighting, and fire detector systems with unbeatable ease of installation.”

The second new product from Exilight to be introduced in Jyväskylä is the Supernova+® family of reflective signs based on colour technology patented by Systemtext in Sweden. According to Sakari Salo, head of sales for Supernova+ products, the technology is based on research by the Lund University and ensures excellent colour visibility even in low-light conditions. “Research has shown that human eyes have trouble identifying symbols if their colours appear unfamiliar,” says Salo. “The reflective technology used in Supernova+ reproduces colours more accurately than any other method on the market.”

The main use cases for Supernova+ safety and guidance signs are found in large construction sites without permanent guidance lighting systems. “Large construction projects may have hundreds of people working for extended periods, and it must be ensured throughout the project that they can exit safely in a guided manner in case of emergency,” says Salo. “This is the developer’s responsibility, but the safety equipment is installed by contractors. After construction is finished, some of the Supernova+ signs can be left at the property to supplement the primary guidance lighting system.”

You can learn more about the life-saving EXIoT Firegate system and the Supernova+ signs at the SähköValoTeleAV trade fair, stand B424. Come see us in the Paviljonki event centre in Jyväskylä between 7 and 9 September!

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