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Exilight wireless safety lighting system

EXIoT is an addressable safety lighting system with luminaire control and monitoring centralised in the cloud or an HMI (Human-Machine Interface) panel. All system luminaires are addressable and equipped with a 3h Li-Ion battery. Data transfer between the lumeinaires does not require separate cabling; instead, data are transmitted wirelessly in the MESH network formed by the luminaires.

Data transfer between a luminaire and the cloud or HMI panel takes place through a gateway installed in the system. The luminaires used have pre-defined address information and a QR code usable for deployment of the luminaires at the target property. The luminaires need no special programming.

The system can be expanded practically without limit, which means that unlike traditional safety lighting centres, the number of luminaires is not limited. The luminaires used in the system are pre-programmed and the safety lighting is also configurable for continuous operation.


EXIoT Safety lighting

EXIoT Gateway

EXIoT Sensor


The EXIoT system continuously monitors the luminaires connected to the system and independently carries out monthly tests provided for by law. The time for the tests can be chosen with consideration of the property. Information about tests carried out and any faults and error messages is logged automatically. The luminaires used in the system are of the type W by designation.

Addressable luminaires in the EXIoT system can be remotely monitored via cloud service, which means that the functionality of the safety lighting of several properties can be supervised from a single location. Faulty luminaires are easy to locate based on the floor plan of the property; it is also possible to receive notification on faulty luminaires by SMS or e-mail. Property floor plans can also be provided with other symbols, such as fire extinguishers, for example, in which case their maintenance history can also be checked via the EXIoT user interface. Furthermore, the system includes several features making troubleshooting easier, such as the option of making an individual lamp flash based on the address.


EXIoT is the right choice for new or renovated buildings where cabling installation is considered too much trouble or where cabling is difficult to implement. The luminaires are supplied directly from 230V mains, which eliminates the need for area monitoring units. If the normal lighting of an area fails, safety luminaires in the same group light up automatically. Omission of data cabling also facilitates system design, since only luminaire locations need to be specified in the designs.

DALI-based luminaires can be connected to the system; in case of larger projects, use of the BACnet interface for interface implementation is possible as well.

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