Integrated fire alarm system.

An addressable emergency lighting system.


If a fire breaks out in a building, the security systems must guide people out. When the guide sign- and emergency
lighting system receives accurate information on the location of the smoke and heat from the fire, the guide lights
ensure that the escape route is safe to navigate.


EXIoT is an addressable emergency lighting system where controlling and monitoring the luminaires is centralised on a cloud server. All luminaires in the system have addresses and a battery. Data transfer between luminaires does not require separate wiring. Data is exchanged between luminaires wirelessly in a mesh network.

An addressable fire alarm system can be connected to the EXIoT FIREGATE system. Communication between EXIoT FIREGATE and the fire alarm system is achieved using wireless data transfer, so the installation process of the two systems is extremely simple. The transmitter unit connects with EXIoT’s cloud server, and the fire alarm system and detectors are displayed on EXIoT’s graphical interface.

The information will be delivered to the public-safety answering point at the same time the alarm goes off. The information will also go through the EXIoT system to luminaires, so that the luminaires will lead and guide people to safety.

Immediately available

It is extremely simple to install and initialise the EXIoT FIREGATE system.

  •  The QR codes of the luminaires are scanned and positioned on the building’s floor plan
  •  The fire alarms are also positioned on the building’s floor plan.
  •  The fire alarm system is installed normally. No additional wiring is required.
  •  The North Commander -transmitter unit is connected to the fire alarm system. North Commander then connects to EXIoT’s cloud servers.
  •  The fire alarm system detectors are displayed on EXIoT’s graphical interface and are now part of EXIoT’s system