Etra-Meltex Pirkkala

The new Etra-Meltex industrial property in Pirkkala is not yet another grey building that blends in the background but rather an impressive and colourful project with a bold design. The building is located next to the motorway, across the road from Bauhaus, and it has a floor area of more than 9,000 square metres.

The construction of high buildings is challenging due to the current energy-efficiency requirements, but Etra-Meltex uses geothermal heating and, therefore, the cubic space has not been an issue. The project also features other interesting solutions. For example, the entire property uses an exceptional fire compartmentation, which eliminates the need for a separate fire alarm system.

The exit routes at Etra-Meltex are secured with Exilight’s EXIoT system. The system’s 150 guide and emergency luminaires are connected to a wireless control system, which creates the network using Wirepas Mesh, the most advanced technology in the market. The system’s installations will take place in September, and we will report more on the implementation of EXIoT later this spring. Etra-Meltex will be commissioned in November 2020, when the Etola Group companies Etra Oy, Meltex Oy and Nestepaine Oy will move in.