Old premises received a modern safety lighting system

There is a valuable store building that was built over 100 years ago, located on the other side of Pitkänsilta in Hakaniemi, Helsinki. This ”Stockmann (a Finnish retailer) for working people”, also known as the ”house for gaining a livelihood” has now been renovated into a modern-day trade- and amusement centre with the help of the real estate investment company Antilooppi Management Ltd., with construction by SRV Yhtiöt plc. The building will be constructed as part of the development of the Hakaniemi Market Square and the surrounding area. The building, known as Siltasaari 10, was opened to the public last autumn.

And of course, where there are people, there must also be exits. Ramboll Finland Ltd., who were responsible for the electrical wiring design of the renovation, chose Exilight’s guide- and safety lighting systems. These systems fit excellently into the old premises because they are easy to install (which makes installation fast) and have low-current cabling. The safety lighting of Siltasaari 10 is based on Exilight’s addressable ESC-200-system, which has over 1500 guide- and safety lights connected to it.