The tunnels in Lahti are full of technology – including Exilight’s luminaires

The Liipola (4th longest highway tunnel in Finland) and Patomäki tunnels along national road 12 were put into use in December 2020. Exilight has supplied the tunnels with new info signage which is prominently displayed along the tunnel walls. Priority number one in safety is prevention, and priority number two is ensuring a safe exit from the tunnel if an accident occurs.

The Liipola tunnel traffic is monitored with a radar system, which is the first time this technology has been implemented like this in Finland. In the tunnel, one particular innovation is a maintenance corridor separate from the vehicle tunnels, which allows for performing many types of maintenance tasks without closing the tunnel or lanes. The maintenance corridor is accessed via a separate route without disturbing the traffic.

Most of the conventional safety lighting equipment supplied by Exilight is located in the maintenance corridor, but the tunnel also features a considerable number of new EXINFO signs that show where fire extinguishers or alarm buttons are located, for example.