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Excavation work inside the Sulkavuori bedrock in Tampere began in 2018. Technical contracts began in April 2022, and the need to procure safety lighting was identified at around the same time.

We collaborated with electrical engineer Rejlers on the project right from the early phases and even back then, all eyes were on Exilight Oy’s addressable ESC-200P emergency lighting centre.

”Even by our scale, the site is very large, so the order wasn’t immediately put into production”, says Sales Manager Jani Käkelä.

Several lighting options for the demanding environment were designed together with the electrical contractor and electrical engineer. Special signs that were customised to meet various needs posed an extra challenge for the project. The ALEXI series, which allows for a flexible range of customisation, was ultimately chosen for the site as the luminaire’s solid structure of the luminaire was seen as a valuable advantage.

The Sulkavuori project includes a biogas plant with electrical engineering by Planproof. Exilight is also an excellent option for the biogas plant’s lighting system, and bacnet equipment makes it easy to monitor the project components.

There is still some way to go before Tampere gets its new, odourless waste plant, complete with excellent exit lighting.                          

Hard work has led to good results, especially for the surrounding natural environment.

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