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UI (User Interface).

The multi-touch Panel PCs are designed for installation in the front of a control cabinet.

Product description UI (User Interface)

The multi-touch Panel PCs are designed for installation in the front of a control cabinet. They offer a powerful platform for system monitoring and accessibility to the EXIoT application. All Panel PCs are equipped with powerful components from Intel® Atom™ to Core™ i7. All housings are optimised in terms of space utilisation and easy accessibility of all components. The Panel PCs offer multi-touch functionality and additional widescreen display sizes. The system is cloud compatible.


DALI compability

The Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) is a simple bus system for building automation that transmits the signals for the digital operation of lighting devices. The lamp, sensor, button and switching elements are wired in parallel, and are linked through the controller.

DALI offers the following advantages:

  • an inexpensive interface with simple installation
  • fully digital switching of luminaires and similar equipment
  • all main manufacturers of ballasts support DALI

The PC is directly coupled via fieldbus with Bus Coupler where DALI2 interface terminals are located. The DALI2 terminal have integrated power supply unit that can supply up to 250mA. No further components are required for the operation of the DALI/DALI2 devices and it closes the gap between lighting controller and the luminaire. It enables the connection of up to 64 DALI ballasts (interface to luminaire).

During the start-up phase, the EXIoT Panel PC searches for connected DALI devices and supports the user during commissioning of the system.


BACnet (Building Automation Control Network) is a standardized, manufacturer-independent communication protocol for building automation. Areas of application include HVAC, lighting control, safety and fire alarm technology. Exiot software creates BACnet objects based on DALI configuration and provides lighting controls related data as BACnet objects that can be access and visualized by other BACnet devices.

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