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ESC-200 Emergency lighting centre

ESC-200 Emergency lighting centre

ESC-200 is addressable emergency lighting system where control and monitoring are carried out centrally at a monitoring centre. All luminaires in the system are addressable LED luminaires that feature Li-ion batteries. Guide and emergency luminaires can be installed in the same line, and the system can use affordable KLMA 2 x 0.8 + 0.8 cabling.

Communication between luminaires and the centre takes place through the same cable with power supply. Luminaires to be used will have a predefined address data, which the central unit can identify automatically. There is no need to separately program the luminaires.

ESC-200 has two luminaire buses, and each of them can be connected to 100 guide or emergency luminaires. The emergency lighting can be set to operate continuously, or the luminaires can be set up as normal emergency luminaires that operate intermittently.

ESC-200 centre monitors the connected luminaires continuously and carries out statutory monthly testing independently. It automatically logs details on completed tests as well as any faults and error messages. The system uses model C luminaires.

Addressable centres have become increasingly common in recent years, and they are being used for a range of different applications in sites of various sizes. Monitoring of luminaires can be supported with EXI-BACNET GW, a monitoring application installed on a computer, or with the EXICloud cloud service. Monitoring is more relevant in sites with a higher number of luminaires. Applications can make it easier to locate luminaires at the site. Furthermore, they allow for remote inspection of faults.

ESC-200 safety lighting centre is a great choice for small and larger properties. Cabling is easy to install and, compared with fireproof cabling, it is also affordable. In smaller sites where addressability does not provide added value, the KLMA cabling allows for easy implementation of the ESC-200 system, thereby making it a good choice.

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ESC-200 7117536 405 x 300 x 85 230V AC, 10A 230V AC/49V AC, 500VA 65V DC 2 200

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