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Modern IoT solutions.

EXIoT cloud service integration offers our customers
today, the option to move to the digital age (IoT).

EXIoT architecture

The significance of emergency lighting is constantly increasing, which means that our high-quality and technically sophisticated guide and emergency luminaires will have a decisive role to play. Flexible systems make using and servicing the luminaires easier and faster, while another important factor is predictability, where the system can also alert of upcoming maintenance needs. The EXIoT cloud-based service integration developed by us already provides our customers a way to embrace the digital age (IoT). The development of technology in itself offers us and our customers a potential for rearranging our operations to satisfy the ever-changing needs in the best possible way.

Easy installation

Monitorability and ease of installation of the system are the aspects we value. We wish to make sure that information is available in as efficient way as possible. One of the key features of Exilight’s addressable emergency lighting systems is reliability. The range of applications varies from small applications to large comprehensive projects where the ease in use of the system plays a key role.

Easy user interface

The multi-touch Panel PCs are designed for installation in the front of a control cabinet. They offer a powerful platform for system monitoring and accessibility to the EXIoT application. All Panel PCs are equipped with powerful components from Intel® Atom™ to Core™ i7. All housings are optimised in terms of space utilisation and easy accessibility of all components.

Scalable Mesh Network

We focus on large scale IoT applications where we can create unique value and an optimized solution for our customers. In many industrial applications, such as smart metering and sensoring, there can be millions of devices in a network. Deployments of Wirepas Mesh in the field have proven this scalability in various applications including smart metering.

Parhaan kokemuksen tarjoamiseksi käytämme teknologioita, kuten evästeitä, tallentaaksemme ja/tai käyttääksemme laitetietoja. Näiden tekniikoiden hyväksyminen antaa meille mahdollisuuden käsitellä tietoja, kuten selauskäyttäytymistä tai yksilöllisiä tunnuksia tällä sivustolla. Suostumuksen jättäminen tai peruuttaminen voi vaikuttaa haitallisesti tiettyihin ominaisuuksiin ja toimintoihin.