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System benefits

  • Security from individual batteries in luminaires.
  • Ease of installation and commissioning.
  • Unlimited number of luminaires in the system.
  • No need for data cabling, only 230VAC input.
  • No need for area monitoring units (AMU) as the luminaire input voltage can be the same voltage that needs to be monitored.
  • Easy maintenance because of graphic user interface.
  • Automatic Test System (ATS)
  • All the different sites can be monitored via EXIoT Cloud


Data from EXIoT devices is moved using Wirepas Mesh protocol that provides message encryption and authentication. Gateway communicates with cloud functionality using encrypted TLS protocol over ethernet or cellular connection.

User interface

Cloud, HMI


Gateway connects a mesh from few to hundreds of luminaires and sensor nodes to backends. It collects, processes and transmits data to the cloud. When there is a need for high density of connected devices, a mesh network is the perfect solution for connectivity. Gateway comes with preloaded support for Wirepas Mesh.


Node is packed with a variety of sensors to monitor indoor environmental quality. It keeps track of air quality index (via measuring a broad range of gases including Volatile Organic Compounds), temperature, humidity, ambient light and barometric pressure.

Easy to install, maintain and extend – everything is automatic.


Wirepas Mesh


Optimized in terms of power, bandwidth, range, latency. Hardware independent.


No single point of failure.
Self-healing and reacts to changing environment automatically.
Robust against interference.
Re-sent until verification of reception.
The messages are protected and they cannot be modified.


Any number of devices.

Hundreds of devices in one room without interference. Distance between two devices can be several kilometers. Total geographical coverage of the network is limitless. Robust in basements and deep indoors.

Simple to use

Easy to install, maintain and extend – everything is automatic.
Customer just powers the device and it automatically connects and operates as an autonomous part of the network.